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What's an experience centre?

At Game On Mandurah, we are passionate about bringing people together, strengthening communities, educating, and rehabilitating through fun and games.

We believe that a lot can be achieved through gaming and embracing creativity, and what better way to do that than while engaging with your community.

Our long-term goal is to build an experience center, which is kind of like a community centre, where we facilitate the engagement of a large variety of games, hobbies, arts and crafts with the goal of socialisation, community engagement, education, and some forms of rehabilitation. 
This may look like, DnD campaigns designed to meet parts of the WA Curriculum, or designed to encourage communication for people on the autism spectrum; board games that encourage education, or that engage fine motor skill function; Warhammer or RPGs to encourage socialisation and community engagement; a mums or dads club run to encourage self-care and taking time out for yourselves. The possibilities are endless! 

We are also bring you an in-store diner to add to the experience, and ensures there are no interruptions to your activity so you can 'Game On'.

What are we all about?

An experience centre is like a community centre within our store, where you can come in and mingle with others, enjoy time with your families, meet new people, meet up with old friends and just enjoy a hobby together, whether it be a hobby you have enjoyed for a while or something new you have wanted to try out.
Pull out a board game from our community game shelf, help finish our community puzzle, bring down some miniatures you're painting, crack out the magic cards, trade your pokemon cards, organize a Warhammer game or find a group to DnD with, attend an in-store competition or class that will be held on a regular basis. 
The sky is the limit in this space. 


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